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  • UPDATE: Baby allegedly bashed by father dies in hospital

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    POLICE have confirmed a 15-year-old boy charged over the alleged assault of his newborn baby could have his charges upgraded pending the results of a post mortem.

    The boy's baby boy died on Monday after a nine-day battle on life support at Princess Margaret Hospital.

    The 15-year-old biological father had already been charged with aggravated grievous bodily harm and will reappear in court on February 28.

    "Following the death yesterday evening in PMH of the baby boy who was allegedly assaulted on February 15, Major Crime Squad officers will continue their inquiries into the matter," the police statement read.

    The 15-year-old remains in custody at Banskia Hill Detention Centre with a bail application expected to be made at his next court appearance.


    A BABY boy allegedly bashed by his 15-year-old biological father has died at Princess Margaret Hospital on Monday.

    A baby allegedly bashed by his 15-year-old father has died today at Princess Margaret Hospital.

    The baby was assaulted at Bunbury Regional Hospital on February 15, allegedly by his father after the baby boy's mother went to heat up some food.

    The baby boy was airlifted to Princess Margaret Hospital that night andhad been on life support since the incident but sadly died earlier today.

    The 15-year-old, a child himself, appeared in Bunbury Children's Court via video link from Banksia Hill Detention Centre on February 17 to face charges of grievous bodily harm in circumstances of aggravation.

    He was not required to plea and the matter was adjourned to February 28.

    The mother's family has spoken out about how the tragedy was able to unfold.

    "We just want to know what happened and how it happened," the newborn's maternal grandfather told Radio 6PR last week.

    "I want to know how come that boy was allowed back in."

    Child Protection Minister Helen Morton said she was saddened to hear of the baby's death

    "I am saddened to hear the tragic news that the baby boy injured in Bunbury last weekend has now passed away," she said.

    "I would like to extend my sympathy and condolences to this child's family at this very difficult time.

    "The department continues to work with the family and is providing the support services to help them at this very difficult time."

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  • Netball likely for WDFNL pre-season cup

    A WARRNAMBOOL and District pre-season competition is likely to include netball in its second year following the success of its inaugural football competition.
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    Old Collegians and its Once Were Warriors coterie group ran the Warrnambool and District league-focused competition, which also attracted one Melbourne-based team, at Friendly Societies’ Park on Saturday.

    Old Collegians organiser Jason Moloney said its success prompted organisers to further investigate a netball pre-season hit-out for its 2015 fixture.

    Moloney said netball was an “80 to 90 per cent” chance to be included at this stage.

    Dennington won the inaugural football cup, defeating North Old Boys in the grand final.

    Moloney estimated about 400 people watched the day-long competition with roughly $800 in gold coin entry collections donated to Peter’s Project.

    “The whole day there was cars around the oval,” he said.

    “It was an ordinary day weather-wise and people stayed in their cars.”

    North Old Boys has committed to playing in the second cup.

    “We offered a place to them and they have gladly accepted it,” Moloney said.

    “They had a great weekend.” Moloney said he was unsure if organisers would add more games to the 2015 football schedule.

    “If we were to go to 10 (teams) we’d have the grand final start at 6.30pm-6.45pm and we probably think that’s a bit late,” he said.

    “At the moment eight is the magic number but we’re looking at other competitions and will go to the Boag’s Cup when the Hampden league runs theirs.”

    Moloney praised Once Were Warriors for their help.

    “When you have plenty of manpower it makes the day easier,” he said.

    Merrivale coach Karl Dwyer said the cup eased the burden on coaches to seek out opponents and venues for practise matches.

    “I’m new to the caper of coaching but my experience is to get ovals and opponents is quite a bit of work,” he said.

    “We’re playing (against North Shore) in Terang due to the fact there’s nothing around here.”

    Allansford coach Josh Parkinson was likewise receptive of the pre-season cup.

    “I think it was a pretty good concept and it went off pretty well. It was well organised in the short space of time they had to do it,” he said.

    “It’s a pretty good way to introduce players to that full-on body contact and game intensity.

    “You’re almost bordering on too much time if you play the grand final.

    “The four 17-minute quarters (for the day) are enough.”

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  • Is David and Corinne’s score the lowest ever for My Kitchen Rules?

    Not so dishy ... David and Corinne thought serving avocado with the tiger prawns and soup made a great combination. 'But I do eat bacon' ... The ditzy Carly stunned guests with declaration that a childhood love of the movie Babe had left her with a dislike of pork.
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    David and Corinne had 'secret affair' claims

    If you're anything like me, you settled in to watch David and Corinne's second bash at competitive cooking with two things: a bag of pineapple lumps and a giddy sense of schadenfreude.

    For so long, the Captain and Tennille had been the reigning monarchs of gehässigkeit and gemeinheit (which Google Translate assures me are the German words for spitefulness and bitchiness). No dish escaped their displeasure, every culinary creation received their dreary damnation.

    So their utter failure to redeem themselves in this episode allowed us to feel, as our Teutonic friends would term it, delight in their misery.

    But then something else started gnawing at me. Initially I thought it was a mosquito, but soon it dawned on me that in fact I had started to feel something different for David and Corinne. Something worse, for them at least, than malicious joy.


    Back to a sunny Cairns morning, with the Captain polishing his pole. He wanted everything to be spotless, and that included his catamaran and all its structures. Corinne meanwhile prepared her action list for shopping and prepping.

    For a moment, the Captain and Tennille became Hannibal Smith and B.A. Baracus, with their plan all coming together.

    Before the guests arrived, they had their dessert cooked and setting, their entree ready to roll, and their pork thoroughly pounded (snort). They'd even remembered the chairs for their instant restaurant. They were so on top of everything that they celebrated with champagne (“Shampoo time!”), more affectionate baby talk, and David walking around with no pants on. It may have been creepy to us viewers, but the pair deserved their happy moment.

    It would be their last.

    Upon arrival, the mantle of bitchiest guests quickly fell to Cathy and Anna (David and Corinne being obviously out of contention). They slagged off the sailor hats, they slagged off Harry's immature attempt at flirting, they slagged off the (admittedly simple) menu choices and even slagged off RSLs.

    Now RSL members may have fought for Cathy's freedom to insult their food, but I doubt that will stop hundreds of them from wanting to re-enlist specifically to take down that snooty cow.

    Meanwhile David and Corinne cooked with the attitude of “Well, we like it this way”, which ordinarily should be perfectly fine, but when you're facing a Book of Revelations-style judgment, was far too blase.

    Corinne may have liked thick corn soup, but by the horrified gasps of “It's puree!” from the likes of Carly and Anna and Josh and Danielle, she may have well as served up chunky vomit with extra carrot. They may have thought serving avocado with the tiger prawns and soup made a great combination, but it turned out, as the French judge said, like “baby food”.

    (Insert your own joke here about David and Corinne's age gap).

    Still, the Captain and Tennille resolved to bring it back with a great main, consisting of their pounded pork medallions with a cauliflower puree, green beans and mushroom sauce.

    The ditzy Carly stunned the guests with her declaration that a childhood love of the movie Babe had left her with a dislike of pork. “I don't want to eat things that talk,” she said. “But I do eat bacon.” Thing is, I can't even rag her out about this because all the guests already did. Besides, I can't eat spiders because I read Charlotte's Web as a child so I understand where she's coming from.

    Sadly, the pork medallions didn't win any medals from judges or guests. The French one was bewildered by their decision to beat the hell out of it; the non-French one was confused by over-buttered mushroom sauce.

    It's here that I started feeling like I was watching die Götterdämmerung. Of course, you couldn't really describe David and Corinne as “gods” of the kitchen, but the sense of doom was now all pervasive.

    Harry and Christo had declared that David and Corinne hadn't learnt a thing from their first disastrous outing. They were wrong - the couple had drastically changed their modus operandi in the kitchen, avoiding the sturm und drang and firing off a well-executed plan.

    By the time came for dessert, they had it raring to go, giving them time to work on a beautiful presentation that made their chocolate cake with candied liqueur oranges look good enough to eat.


    With the universal panning of their eggy, messy chocolate “cake”, the pair was done.

    With the exception of the kind-hearted Carly and Tresne, the guests all gave them number 1s or number 2s, aptly reflecting what they believed the meals tasted like.

    The judges were no different; it was eins, zwei, drei all over the place. Or un, deux, trois for the French one. Oh god, mixing languages in this recap was a scheiße idea.

    David and Corinne couldn't conceal their disappointment at scoring 27 overall, even if the Captain was still somewhat baffled by how it was possible that he and his darling baby wife could be terrible. David had become not so much the Ancient Mariner, but the albatross.

    So there you have it. Utter distaste at the Captain and Tennille's antics turned into pity by the revelation of their incompetence. (And yes, it is the lowest score on MKR after toppling Lisa and Stefano's record low last year of 38.)

    Instead, we turn our attention to Cathy and Anna, the last in the instant restaurant series. They've been ramped up now as the new bad guys, and boy oh boy, if they have a bad night this is one schaden that's going to be particularly freude.

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  • FFA Cup allows minnows to play stars

    FFA chief David Gallop with players Brett Emerton and Paul Reid. Photo: Ben RushtonAmateur soccer players across Australia can dream of toppling the giants of the A-League in a meaningful competition with the introduction of a national knock-out competition, the FFA Cup, beginning in July.
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    The tournament, named after Football Federation Australia, will provide a definitive link between the grassroots level of the game up to the elite clubs with a meaningful national and cross-tier competition.

    There's a resemblance to the oldest competition in the sport, the FA Cup in England, though the first few years of the Australian version won't likely include such an abundance of romantic runs of amateur clubs. Storylines such as Blyth Spartans and Hereford from the 1970s may not be a common occurrence as just 22 teams from the lower leagues will compete against A-League clubs and all must qualify through their respective state competitions.

    More than 600 teams from around Australia will enter the tournament through initial qualifying phases, with the best from the eight state and territory federations earning the right to face off against the 10 A-League clubs in the first round.

    The competition will begin on July 29 with the first round consisting of 32 teams and the final to be contested on December 16.

    ''Today, the FFA Cup comes to life as a very tangible link between community football and the professional tier,'' FFA chief executive David Gallop said at the announcement.

    ''It's a unique sporting link from the locals to the legends. We all grew up with the romance of the English FA Cup and well remember the history of upsets. I'm sure the FFA Cup will bring the same fascination to fans across Australia.''

    The large traditional trophy to be awarded to the winner was inspired by that of the first national cup competition, the Australia Cup, which existed from 1962-68.

    ''The FFA Cup has taken on an almost mythical status among football fans who have longed for a national knockout cup competition to fill a void in the football calendar,'' Gallop said.

    Football Federation Australia will cover all travel costs of the competition as well as providing prizemoney, beginning at the round-of-16 stage, increasing exponentially up to the winner.

    The FFA Cup will not be a profitable exercise, at least in the short term, but there is a belief from within Australia's governing body that the return from its investment will be measured in the growth and development of the game.

    ''We've had to make it a sensible business decision but also recognise this is a very important part of the future for Australian football,'' Gallop said. ''It's something that can only happen in football because of the nature of the game, so we see it as a very important investment for the game's future.''

    ■ Embattled Socceroos skipper Lucas Neill is reportedly in discussions with state league side Sydney Olympic, with the veteran defender becoming increasingly desperate to secure a playing deal before the World Cup.

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  • Scott Morrison refuses to explain delay on Manus

    Under attack: Scott Morrison during Question Time on Monday.Border Protection Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed he knew a week ago his initial statements about a fatal brawl at the immigration detention facility on Manus Island were likely to have been wrong, but has refused to say why he waited to correct the record until Saturday night.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Instead he has advised that his own conduct will be subject of an internal review, which will also take in the role of his officers, the private company charged with security at the detention centre, G4S, and PNG authorities.

    But the move to get to the bottom of what occurred, including by examining the minister's own actions, was not enough to assuage critics. The Greens and some Labor backbenchers called on Mr Morrison to resign or be sacked.

    Under attack in Parliament over comments last Tuesday morning, which appeared to lay the blame for the violence at the Manus Island centre on asylum seekers pushing through the perimeter fence, Mr Morrison said he was told later that day he had been given unreliable information.

    He said his initial claim that the death and much of the violence had taken place outside the centre, was not correct.

    As the day progressed he was advised there were alternative versions of what had happened, raising doubts about many details.

    However it took another five days for the evidence to mount to the point where he deemed it necessary to ''correct the record''.

    In Parliament, the opposition demanded to know why the minister had not exercised appropriate caution in his first statements, and why he had then chosen such a particular time to release the information - Saturday night after television news bulletins and most newspaper deadlines.

    Mr Morrison said information was never perfect in the wake of such incidents. ''Over the course of that week, I conducted five press conferences to update people on what was occurring at that centre,'' he said.

    ''It was a terrible tragedy … but the other point I'd make about what occurred on that night, is despite that terrible tragedy, the centre opened the next morning and it continues to operate today.''

    The inquiry into the melee will examine a range of factors including how the centre was established under the previous government, Mr Morrison said, flagging that Labor's hasty arrangements to establish it will be laid bare.

    ''It'll go into the performance of the service contractors that those (members) opposite contracted, it will go into the security arrangements that were put in place and left to the opposition when we formed government.

    ''It'll go into all of those and it'll go into the conduct of myself and those on this side and our handling of these issues since we took over responsibility for these centres.''

    But Labor senators Doug Cameron and Sue Lines argued the minister had proved himself unfit for the office. ''He definitely has blood on his hands," Senator Lines said. ''The more he tries to shirk the issue, the more he pretends to be the tough cop on the beat - hopefully the Australian public will see the truth behind this."

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  • Archie Thompson and Melbourne Victory have been good for each other

    Melbourne Victory would like Archie Thompson to finish his time in the game in navy blue as a legend of the club he has done so much to create.
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    Thompson would like to end up where he has played his A-League career in a city where he and his family are settled and he has become a star.

    But will the union be continued, or will Thompson - who I would argue has been the A-League's consistently best player in its nine years - end up somewhere else?

    The star striker comes out of contract at the end of this season and talks between the club and the player's representative have begun. There does not yet appear to be a sense of urgency about the deal.

    But one thing is certain: Thompson, who will be 36 when the 2014-15 A-League season kicks off, will no longer be a marquee player and command the sort of salary that such status brings.

    Nor is he likely to have the cachet of an international player, as his days as a Socceroo look numbered as national coach Ange Postecoglou looks to rebuild for the future at the World Cup in Brazil later this year and in the Asian Cup, which Australia hosts, next year.

    It's a difficult balancing act for all parties.

    History is replete with examples of star players who fell out with their club in their twilight years as they felt their services were not being adequately rewarded for all the time they had put in.

    It is also full of tales of clubs that took the loyalty and commitment of legends for granted and didn't put forward a last deal that reflected not just their current worth, but the value they had added for many seasons.

    If he signs a contract, 2014-15 would be Thompson's 10th with Victory. Given that he wears the No.10 shirt and is a genuine hero of the local game, the symmetry is neat and gives the player a chance to assume legendary status at Australia's biggest A-League club.

    That it is the biggest has much to do with his exploits. When Thompson returned from a three-year spell in Belgium in 2005 he wasn't exactly a superstar, but he was a highly regarded striker whose pace and tricks, not to mention his smile and his verve, quickly made him a fan favourite.

    Former Socceroo coach Guus Hiddink thought enough of him that he signed him on a six-month loan deal with then Dutch champion PSV Eindhoven so he could move to Holland and train and be fit enough to be part of his 2006 World Cup squad - a necessity given the A-League finished so early that year.

    For many, certainly those who only take a casual interest in the A-League, Thompson and his coach and former teammate Kevin Muscat are, or at least were, Melbourne Victory.

    Thompson's face adorned billboards, he had columns in The Age, and he was the marketing face of the club. He also rewarded it on the pitch where, over a nine-year period, he has earned the accolade as the league's most consistent striker as well as the provider of the game's greatest individual feat - when he scored five goals in the 2007 grand final rout of Adelaide United.

    But Victory was good for him, too. He was given a platform to revive his career as a big fish in a smaller pond, and he revelled in the opportunities and the lesser competition, at least in those first few years, that he faced. He was also handsomely rewarded as a marquee man, with contracts reportedly worth $500,000 and $600,00 a year his due over almost all his time with the club.

    But time catches up with every player, and Thompson cannot expect to command such big money again, while Victory will not expect such a major contribution. Its signing of Brisbane forward Besart Berisha as an international marquee player for next season is a clear indication of its priorities.

    Still, for what he has done and what he still offers, Thompson is worth a decent, if reduced, contract with Victory.

    He might get offered more money elsewhere, but if that is the case, he will have to weigh up the short-term benefits of a bit of extra cash now against his status as a one-club legend for whom Victory would undoubtedly find some sort of role, if only in an ambassadorial capacity, long after his playing days are done.

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  • Tough ask for Melbourne Victory in ACL game against legend of Lippi

    Melbourne Victory has endured tough opening nights in the Asian Champions League before: its 5-1 capitulation to Gamba Osaka in 2011 virtually ended its competition before it had got under way and at the same time drove the final nail into Ernie Merrick's coaching career at the club.
    Nanjing Night Net

    And the task on Wednesday night when Kevin Muscat's side takes on Chinese Super League champion Guangzhou Evergrande is likely to be every bit, if not more, difficult than that night in Osaka three years ago.

    Guangzhou is the reigning Asian champion, having won the title on the away goals rule last year against South Korean side FC Seoul: its 2-2 draw in Seoul put it in the driving seat, ensuring the 1-1 result in the second leg was enough to win the championship.

    It has a coach, in Italian Marcello Lippi, who has forgotten more about the game than most people ever learn.

    The contrast between Muscat, in his first season as a head coach, and Lippi could not be greater. The latter's formidable CV includes not only a World Cup with Italy in 2006, but five Serie A titles, two Chinese Super League titles, one Coppa Italia, one UEFA Champions League and one Asian Champions League.

    The contrast out on the field might not be quite as great, but the squad depth that the cashed-up Chinese club possesses will make this an enormously difficult task for the Australians, who flew out on Monday.

    Victory will no doubt be buoyed by its great win over Adelaide with four goals on Saturday night, but that it conceded three to an A-League side that on paper at least lacks the firepower of the Asian champion does not bode well.

    It is hard to see this game being anything but a backs-to-the-wall ordeal for Victory. Guangzhou has not started its league season yet, but while it might lack match sharpness that could be a double-edged sword as it will be fit and keen and ready to go.

    Lippi has announced this will be his final season in China. He turns 66 in April and has said he is tired of the demands of club football - which has led the Chinese media to speculate about him taking the reins of the Chinese national team.

    Guangzhou has recently signed former Italian international striker Alessandro Diamanti from Bologna, the 30-year-old being a readymade replacement for Argentinian forward Dario Conca, who left after the Champions League final win.

    Victory will be without its own playmaker, Tom Rogic, who injured a foot in that thrilling triumph over Adelaide when he collided with teammate Leigh Broxham.

    Central Coast Mariners, who lost heavily to Wellington last Friday night, have an equally difficult task in taking on Guangzhou's victim in last season's final, FC Seoul, on Tuesday night.

    Western Sydney Wanderers, the third Australian side in the competition, look to have the best chance of immediate success. They entertain Ulsan Hyundai, from South Korea, at Parramatta Stadium on Wednesday night.

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  • Cricket Australia says it will investigate eBay baggy green caps

    Cap in hand: One of the many "authentic" baggy greens on sale on eBay.Cricketers such as Mitchell Johnson and Brad Haddin have devoted their lives to earning the nation's prized baggy green Test cap but fans can now bid for them online at a starting price of $5.50.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Cricket Australia advised Fairfax Media on Monday that its legal department would investigate the flood of replica Australian Test cricket caps on eBay that were being manufactured in India.

    The baggy green cap was described by a Cricket Australia spokesman as ''iconic'' and he warned the organisation would not look favourably upon items described as ''authentic'' by an Indian company that had been an eBay member since September 2012.

    ''I'm very surprised and very disappointed to see that,'' CA spokesman Peter Young said. ''We are vigilant about this kind of thing.

    ''It's important we let the world know we do protect Cricket Australia's intellectual property vigorously. We take this kind of issue very seriously and the matter has been referred to our legal department.

    ''We regard the cap as an iconic symbol and we protect it very, very closely. It is one of the most powerful symbols in not only Australian cricket, but world cricket.

    ''Genuine baggy green caps, when they go to auction, do very well. In one case, one went for over $400,000 because it was a Sir Donald Bradman cap.''

    CA, at the behest of players who represented the nation during the Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh captaincy eras, resisted the urge to produce replicas for commercial sale despite the promise of royalties, because they feared it would cheapen the significance of being presented with the cap.

    The caps on eBay were promoted as ''authentic, real baggy green cricket cap 2014 Test Ashes'' and an emotive appeal to ''be part of a proud tradition'' was accompanied by photographs of luminaries such as Bradman and Ricky Ponting.

    Former Test player Len Pascoe, who represented Australia in the 1970s and '80s, viewed the caps on eBay for Fairfax Media and said some examples appeared to be of a good quality.

    He said, in the cyber age, Cricket Australia faced the same challenges as other companies in trying to fight piracy.

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  • Chris Froome defends Tour of Oman title

    Britain's Tour de France champion Christopher Froome has successfully defended his Tour of Oman title following the sixth and final stage in Muscat.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The 28-year-old Kenyan-born Team Sky rider topped the overall classification ahead of American Tejay Van Garderen and Colombian Rigoberto Uran.

    The sixth stage was won by German sprinter Andre Greipel on Sunday, his third stage win of the week, as he edged out Frenchman Nacer Bouhanni with Ireland's Sam Bennett third.

    While Greipel rejoiced in what has been a stunning start to the season with six victories in all, Froome was the rider wearing the broadest smile describing his week's work as the perfect beginning to his season.

    "This success is a reward for a winter spent resting and then intensive training in South Africa," said Froome, who spent his teenage years and was educated in South Africa.

    "We didn't get our preparation wrong. The season has been launched successfully."

    Froome was also satisfied in his overall level of fitness after on Saturday he had broken the speed record for the climb of the Green Mountain.

    "My level of form is similar to that of last year at the same time, if not better.

    "I must not take my foot off the pedal because I could tell this week that other riders are making progress."

    Van Garderen would have been one of those as the 25-year-old American - fifth in the 2012 Tour de France which was won by Froome's team-mate Bradley Wiggins - finished just 26 seconds adrift of the winner.

    "Even if I felt I was on form I did not know too much with respect to where I was in comparison to my rivals," he said.

    "Thus I am reassured by this performance. This fantastic result will give me confidence and above all the hunger to work even harder in order that I arrive at the Tour de de France in July in perfect shape," added Van Garderen, who was a disappointing 45th in the race last year.


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  • False alibi on Facebook undoes teen on theft charges

    A YOUNG Ballarat male was charged with the serious offence of attempting to pervert the course of justice after he gave police a false alibi during a record of interview, a court heard yesterday.
    Nanjing Night Net

    The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in a Children’s Court where he pleaded guilty to a long list of charges that included burglary and theft.

    The court heard that police arrested the teen on February 21 last year after a co-accused admitted to police that the pair had robbed five residential sheds, stealing items including a motorised bike, a push bike, golf clubs, a boxing bag and a tool box.

    Police prosecutor Senior Constable Michelle Kilburn said the male was interviewed and said he had an alibi on the night of the offending because he had been drinking with his brother.

    While a police member went to check the validity of the alibi, the male was seen in the interview room typing on a mobile phone.

    The court heard police took the phone and observed a Facebook message which the male had tried to send his brother.

    The message read: “tell **** to say I was drinking with him Wednesday night”.

    The court heard the teenager was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice after his brother later made a statement to police, saying he hadn’t been with the accused on the night of the offending.

    The male’s defence lawyer said his client’s offending came down to problems with poor peer association, coupled with drug and alcohol use.

    The lawyer said the offending had been committed in order to buy more drugs and alcohol, adding that the male hadn’t engaged well with drug and alcohol counsellors in the past.

    The magistrate said the teenager’s future was in his own hands, warning him of the dangers of taking unknown substances.

    “If he keeps taking pills other people are giving him . . . he will kill himself accidentally,” she said.

    The male was ordered to complete an eight-month youth supervision order, including 50 hours of community work.


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